Friday, November 2, 2012


Q) The video quality is not good. What should I do?
Ans) All videos on are HD quality. All you need to do change the resolution of the video to 720p. The screen is attached.

Q) Can I download ProgramInUrdu's videos from YouTube or DailyMotion?
Ans) Yes, you can download our videos from youtube/dailymotion for personal use only. But you cannot give to your friends or family members plus you can't upload it to youtube or dailymotion from another account. Similarly, you can't sell these videos through CD/DVD or download.

Q) Are these ProgramInUrdu's videos Free?
Ans) Yes, the videos/tutorials are free unless otherwise stated. 


  1. Brother your tutorial is very help full .

  2. please make Socket programming tutorial in urdu. And how to download SDK file for any Hardware system.

  3. Dear Sir, Assalam-u-Alikum.
    i got soo much knowldege from your tutorials. now i am creating a C# windows application which store data in urdu in my database. and i need to autocomplete my textboxes with urdu data like names,city name in urdu, and i am confused how to make my need fulfill. i have searched soo many times but did not get proper solution. can you please help me and can make a video for this problem.

  4. Dear Sir, Assalam-u-Alikum.
    U r just a great person and ur tutorials are amazing ..............i love it its really amazing
    sir plz if u can make videos on web services and API using c# so i can make more wonderful........

  5. sir agar aap puri ERP banana sikhadain or us ko bhi video tutorials bana kar upload kar dain to bhut acha ho jaega or saaray concepts clear ho jaingay

  6. Assalam o alikoom

    Sir What is Defrent between WEB Forms and MVC And Web Pages(SPA)
    Could any one underStand me What We Should USE at Time

  7. Asalam-o-alilkum-wa-rahmatullahi-wa-barakatuhu
    Sir your all Videos are very use full I learned a lot of thing from that you are my best teacher
    we all love you and your tutorials
    thanks for your helping sir

    1. Salam, der maanana (I am Pakhtoon).

      It is all in the love of Pakistan and Pakhtana, I am doing this. So, take advantage and improve your and others lives.


  8. A.O.A sir will you make tutorials on python ???

  9. AOA. Sir your videos are really helpful. I have been learning alot form your videos. I really appreciate your efforts. Sir when will you upload the rest videos of wordpress, application deployment in C# and HTML&CSS series.

  10. sir I try to make populate dropdownlist from another dropdownlist c# with access database (two dropdownlist one has country name and second has city names) but i didn't get success plz