Thursday, February 13, 2014

Part 14 - ASP.NET using VB.NET In Urdu - Repeater Control

P14 VB.NET ASP.NET In Urdu - Repeater Control by programinurdu


  1. Assalamoa laikum Iqbal sb

    In repeater control class 14 till bind it was working but after Response.Redirect("~/viewData.aspx")
    This below error is coming How to solve I am totally new to using

    Error 2 Could not copy the file "obj\Debug\DataPro.dll" because it was not found. DataPro

    How to solve. I am learing though you programinUrdu. It is really very useful. Please let me know what can I do to remove this error.
    Omar rashid

    1. Thanks for comment.

      I don't know how you got that error. Just close the application and "Build" your project, run it again and it should work.

      Only, if you have written the code exactly mine. By the way, the purpose of tutorials is NOT to copy my code instead the purpose is to watch me, "Get the Idea" and then write your own code. If you get error then try to fix it yourself. This way, you will become a great programmer in no time.