Sunday, July 5, 2015

C# ListView Tutorial In Urdu (Basic)


  1. Assalam Walekum Javed Bhai....
    I am your fan and i want to ask you about books. I want to buy a book for C# database programming with SQL. there are so many books available so i just confuse, which one will be better. will you please suggest me?
    Ajeet Kumar (India)

    1. Salam, don't waste money and time. I have never seen a very good book for beginners using C# and database. Try some indian author, if you can find as American books quality is not good at all.

      If you are buying to study for course then talk to your professor.
      If you are buying to learn C# with database then instead work hard and learn it yourself from internet tutorials (reading or videos whichever you like), that will be quicker and easier.