Monday, September 14, 2015

P(2) C# Database Tutorials In Urdu - Saving CheckBox Value In Database


  1. Thank You So much Sir. App Se main ney bhot kuch seekha hai. aur Radio Button data base main, main ney phaly he save kar liya tha, Last Time ap ney mujh Idea diya tha Asp and C# method both are same.

    Today i have only one Question in my mind. How to Stop duplicate Data saving in Sql. Like: Employee Name : Noman
    Date: 17/09/2015
    Time: 12:00. this point stop saving duplicate Entry in sql same Time.

    1. hi Numan,

      Before saving the data, check if the same Employee Name exists, if yes then show the message data already exists.

      By the way, we should NOT do this because 2 or more employees can have same names.

      A better example will to have 2 or more employees should NOT have the same "Email".