Saturday, April 20, 2019

How To Create ASP.NET MVC 5 Application In Visual Studio 2019

In this tutorial, we will discuss, how to create "ASP.NET MVC 5 Application" in Visual Studio 2019.

System Requirements:

·       ASP.NET MVC 5
·       Visual Studio 2019

Step 1: To Create a New “ASP.NET MVC 5” Application in Visual Studio 2019, click on “File” Menu, click on “New” then “Project…” as shown below.

This will open “New Project” Window as shown below. Select “ASP.NET Web Application (.NET Framework)” and click on “Next” Button.

This will open “Configure your new project” window. Give your project any name, you want and then click on “Create” button.

This will open “Create a new ASP.NET Web Application” as shown below. In this screen, select “Empty” and check “MVC” option then click on “Create” button.

This will create a new “ASP.NET MVC 5 Application” for you in Visual Studio 2019.

Happy Coding!!!

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